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acmeplas provides “System Total Solutions” and “Automation Solutions”.
Title Type Date
In-mold labeling box intelligent production system-folding jam box Exhibitions 2019-04-09
Who says three-tier co-betting is out of reach? acmeplas has been easily resolved! Exhibitions 2019-03-09
When the lights go out, are you ready? Exhibitions 2019-02-12
Acmeplas unmanned production workshop Exhibitions 2019-01-03
Jakarta Plastics & Rubber Indonesia 2018, the third time that ke Ming went out to lead again! Exhibitions 2018-11-15
The acmeplas fully automated mass production system solution achieved two major new milestones Exhibitions 2018-10-16
Taipei PLAS 2018, acmeplas intelligent folding spoon system is repeatedly praised! Exhibitions 2018-09-05
The amazing lid comes from the intelligent two-color lid system Exhibitions 2018-08-31
Cover + spoon, see acmeplas deduce different production methods! Exhibitions 2018-07-30
The safe box you can buy for less than one yuan turns out to be... Exhibitions 2018-06-23